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I’m sure most people have had dreams and aspirations to move to a new country, some will remain that way and others will make the big move and pack up and go, neither is right or wrong. I have recently taken a massive step that started with 5 weeks travelling New Zealand (If you haven’t been you must, it is stunning!) and has ended with me being in Thailand opening up COREruitment Asia. We have always been a global company, but this is our chance to have a hub in South East Asia and therefore a close connection to our clients and candidates.

For those that do take the leap there are a few things that are worth considering.

  • Research, research, research- Need I say more? Whether you are looking into moving to a new country, and/or a new company, you need to make sure you research properly. It goes without saying that if you start a new job you should always take a look into the company, do the same about the country as well as learning about local culture and customs. Is there a good Ex-Pat community? Can you get involved with local sports, charities or teams so that you can integrate with locals as well? There is so much you can do to ensure the transition is smooth and often potential employers are happy to give you guidance and suggest activities and contacts that will help you settle.
  • It’s still a career move- Don’t forget that it isn’t just about moving to a new place, this is still a career step. Is the role going to offer progression and enhance your CV? You want to make sure that a new job is 100% right for you, so don’t be afraid to ask about what opportunities it may bring to you in the future! This is your chance to demonstrate on your CV that you can do your job outside your normal comfort zone, and adapt well to new situations. It’s a massive stepping stone to bigger and better things and is even better if you get that promotion while you are away. It will open many new doors.
  • Get the right package- With relocation often comes enviable packages that include accommodation, benefits, and great bonuses. Doing your own research will help you decide what it is exactly that you are looking for, and ensure you ask all the right questions. COREcruitment can of course assist in making you are getting market value offers that represent your skills and level.
  • It’s not all paradise- I’m currently sat writing this as rivers of mud are flowing downhill because of days of out of season monsoon rain. We have had power cuts, people have been rescued by the Thai Navy, and days of continuous rain are frankly boring. You will have a fantastic adventure, meeting new people of new cultures and seeing an exciting new side to the world, but you are there to work! As with your current home, you need to find work life balance, and that takes extra effort when you are somewhere different – but the fantastic opportunities it brings your way, as well as the added ideals of new experiences makes it SO worth it!
  • You will miss home- Prepare yourself! I have been totally excited about my new start (who wouldn’t be!?) However, it goes without saying that you will miss friends and family. As long as you have a strong support network back home that consists of people you can talk to regularly though you will find that you can get through it! Remember, once you’ve settled you can easily make arrangements for family to follow – employers are usually more than happy to assist with these things, and that is another great thing about relocation packages. Employers care about you – you’re never going to be expected to just leave your old life completely behind!

If you are considering relocating to Asia and need assistance finding a new role please get in touch, alternatively if you are looking for staff to relocate I can also assist. Hoping to hear from people soon and help you start your new chapter!

Hayley Pearce