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At COREcruitment we like to try to track everything – response rates, market trends, growth rates and challenging areas… safe to say the past 24 months (specifically in the UK) have been pretty interesting. Here are some insights:

Leisure and Fitness is BOOMING 

Middle East, Asia, UK, Africa and Across Europe. There is a real trend towards consumers spending more money on their leisure activities. We have seen growth in all markets. A lot of this has been within the gym market – but also in specialist adult and family activities. Our vacancy numbers in this area are up 70% globally since 2015. Most companies find business development roles the hardest to attract quality candidates for.

Growth of individual concepts and away from “brands”. This is mostly the case in the restaurant / food retail space. Despite tough economic challenges we have seen concepts flourish (and attract Serious funding) in London, UAE, Cape Town, New York, Bristol, Amsterdam and several of our other key markets. The trend seems to be for companies who can create ownership within their management populations. The most successful employees in this field offer profit-shares and excellent training and development programmes. Our challenging roles to recruit for in these areas are Operations Directors / Managing Director who have the right structure building skills and entrepreneurial flair to lead a business. An area where larger companies have been able to compete is Learning and Development functions – top candidates want to be developed and this is an area where smaller businesses are not generally as established.

Counter Offers 

90% of the possible workforce globally is passively seeking work (i.e. would leave if they were approached about the right role). The 10% who are active have clear pull factors to attract them to starting and accepting a role. For those who are not actively looking the pull factors have to be much better established in order for them to make a change – money is often a secondary or tertiary factor for candidates. As companies work harder to retain their top people screening processes have to be better and companies looking to attract talent have to be better at marketing themselves to potential candidates. A lot of companies thought that Linkedin was going to be the answer to all of their hopes & prayers – but with less then 8% of Linkedin’s users being active on the site quarterly it appears to be a dying trend. There is a lot to be said for hitting the phone and working your network to get to the best people. Our main area for counter offers in the past 6 months has definitely been within Finance. FD’s, Analysts and good FC’s are in very high demand.

Growth in Asia 

COREcruitment opened our first office in Asia in 2016, it is now our third largest market in terms of active roles and our largest in terms of potential business. Most of the recruitment we focus on in the region is at leadership level. We have noticed that culturally most European candidates find the transition to Asia much easier than the Middle East. Packages there are very attractive and in line with other markets especially when looking at family packages / accommodation allowances etc. Companies in this region also seem to be more attracted to employing candidates on a 2/3 year contract and then renewing – allowing employees and employers to better succession and career plan.


Expanding in every direction. Some of our North America team are in New York this week as part of a planned two-year “road-trip” of America to better understand local markets and tends therein. In the US COREcruitment operates out of eight key areas we have chosen to focus on to build our networks: New York, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, LA, Texas, San Francisco and the Caribbean. The make-up of each market area and the trends therein are very different (resorts, hotels, restaurants, catering, leisure). The one overall trend is growth – all markets, all sectors, openings, expansion and development.

Ethical motivation

Numbers of candidates looking for ethical synergy with the companies they work for have grown rapidly. We all know people work for people, not companies (and that employees leave managers, not companies). There is another trend that we have seen candidates of all levels asking about – what is the company’s mission? Is it just to make money? Does the business support charity? What is the mission of the founder and are they involved? The impact of having a James Watts / Julian Metcalf / Alastair Storey as a leader can be huge for attraction.


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