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2018 saw the biggest rise in Vegan-eating ever. But we have a sneaking suspicion even more will join this year. More and more people are making plant-based dining a priority- and they aren’t even vegan – or vegetarian

Google revealed in 2017 that Australia was the country with the highest search for “vegan”, Canada and the USA coming in 2nd and 3rd and the UK coming in 7th to beat Ireland by two places who came in 9th place. Even celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, who once mocked veganism and vegetarianism are now looking to “give this #vegan thing a try”. With more than 71.8 million posts on Instagram, Veganism has been on the rise across the globe and has seen a 600% increase in eating in the UK since 2014.

So why the sudden interest? And how did veganism go from a once mocked subculture to a mainstream lifestyle choice? Is it all due to Instagram? You have to admit, it’s been a PR dream for vegan enthusiasts to have highly glossy and aesthetically pleasing “buddha bowls” make their way onto people’s feeds, encouraging the healthier alternative and socially responsible lifestyle.

The vegan community are heavily active online, and they have found more positive ways to encourage the switch, instead of some of their past methods which have included a very public protest in a UK steakhouse, taunting diners about the dietary choices, complete with graphic videos. There’s no denying Instagram (and social media in general) has catapulted veganism into what it is, it is rumoured that 2019 Veganuary will see more than double the 2018 Veganuary record which was already a record-breaking year with 168,542 people signing up.

They are talking, and people are listening. We are seeing a constant rise in vegan options being added to restaurant menus, in fact Just Eat has recently announced the addition of several new restaurants to cater for the dramatic increase of requests for vegan food. Both Dominos and Pizza Hut have had to add vegan options (including cheese) to their menu and it is believed the trend is set to not only continue, but to revolutionise dining – for good.