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Tucked away on busy Westbourne Grove, the healthy spit-roasting “Cocotte” (child talk for chicken) awaits you.

Depending on the level of hunger you are in, the juicy and perfectly cooked flightless bird will sate your appetite for sure. Whole, half or quarter, to each their own.

You will find there the type of food that will make you happy.

Aside from the obvious main choice, starters and side dishes will complement the meal to perfection.

For starters, my recommendation would go for the cheese platter – a selection provided by gourmet shop Androuet – from a creamy Mont d’Or (the holy grail of raw milk cheeses) to a soft blue-veined Bleu de Laqueuille, a strong Brie de Maux… (cheeses will depend on the market and choices may vary) served with warm crusty baguette.


The chicken will be served on a wooden board with some flavoursome chicken gravy (not thick gravy, more like a jus) and homemade sauces (the Cocotte mustard is very, well…mustardy!).

As a special dish, the choice went for a (very garlicky) butternut squash salad with nuts and roasted potatoes and a light and well-seasoned ratatouille.

To wash that all down, a very silky and smooth bottle of merlot, Domaine de Luc from Languedoc. Not too strong to overpower the dishes. Great wine pairing!

As far as desserts are concerned, mochi ice creams had to be tried – for the least adventurous, the choice of a lemon tart is always safe and worth it.

 Now, head to either Hoxton or Notting Hill to try it for yourselves; and book in advance to avoid being turned away as these guys get packed quickly!