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Stuart Campbell

Lead Recruitment Consultant

Tel: +44 207 790 2666Download Business CardEmail me Directly

About Me

I'm lead consultant at COREcruitment and look after Both Chef and FOH managers for both small and large restaurant groups, i have been working for COREcrutiment now for over 4 years and have loved every minute of my time here, we get to speak to some great people and some VERY interesting characters on a daily basis.

In my role i get to work with all levels, from Junior Staff up to Senior Management, as much as senior management recruitment is great – its where the money is – the most rewarding placements you make is with the Lower lever placements, you get a real sense of helping them and giving them advice on their career is very rewarding as they are realising their potential.

Important Stuff

What I Enjoy Most
I most enjoy Holidays, Diving and BBQ’s (serious BBQ)
When I was young I wanted to be:
Fireman as I wanted to help people
When I am not working I am
Playing with fire – (BBQ) I am an avid BBQer and believe in Low & Slow