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About Me

I have recently joined COREcruitment Facilities Management team this year, being part of a team of experienced and highly trained individuals who ensure our services are delivered in a safe, high quality and consistent manner, to our customers.

I specialise in positions covering Facilities Co-ordinators, Contract Support and BID Managers across COREcruitment FM, Property & Estates division.

I enjoy providing a range of facility management solutions to help organisations find the support they need for their business challenges.

Important Stuff

What I Enjoy Most
Enjoying time out with friends and family having a laugh.
When I was young I wanted to be:
I wanted to be a F1 racing driver (they look so cool when they win!)
When I am not working I am
I love listening to music and I am keen sports fan and follow many sports, hard to keep up with it all! Will find me watching the top events at bars and restaurants.